GM Recall Information

Frequently Asked Questions for Ignition Switch Recall 13454 & 14063


Vehicles Involved: All 2005-2007 Cobalt, G5, 2003-2007 Ion, 2006-2007 HHR, 2005-2006 Pursuit (Canada), 2006-2007 Solstice, 2007 Sky




Q1. Are the recalled vehicles safe to drive?


A1. There is a risk, under certain conditions, that your ignition switch may move out of the "run" position, resulting in a partial loss of electrical power and turning off the engine. This risk increases if your key ring is carrying added weight (such as more keys or the key fob) or your vehicle experiences rough road conditions or other jarring or impact related events. If the ignition switch is not in the run position, the air bags may not deploy if the vehicle is involved in a crash, increasing the risk of injury or fatality.


Until the safety recall repairs have been performed, it is very important that you use the ignition key and nothing else (including fob) on your key ring.


Q2. Which vehicles are involved?


A2. All 2005-2007 Cobalt, G5, 2003-2007 Ion, 2006-2007 HHR, 2005-2006 Pursuit (Canada), 2006-2007 Solstice, 2007 Sky vehicles are involved in the recall.


Q3. Why weren't all of the vehicles (Ion, Solstice, Sky, HHR) included initially when the Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G-5 were recalled?


A3. As we continued to review the overall situation, we decided to recall the additional vehicles. Customer safety is paramount to GM.


Q4. Where should you take a Saturn/Pontiac to have the recall repairs performed?


A4. Any Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac dealer can perform the repairs.





Q5. When can I reasonably expect to be able to get my car fixed?


A6. We expect the first parts to be available beginning in April, with parts availability improving as time goes on. We will be working with customers on an individual, case by case basis to minimize inconvenience associated with the recall. We also are working diligently with our suppliers to develop and validate replacement parts and to have increased production in place to meet demand.


Q6. Will I have to pay for the repair?


A6. The repair will be done at no charge.


Q7. What exactly is the repair? How long will it take?


A7. The ignition switch will be replaced. Because of service scheduling requirements, it is likely that your dealer will need your vehicle longer than the actual service correction time, which is less than an hour.


Q8. Will I be able to get a loaner/rental vehicle while the car is being repaired?


A8. Yes this is possible. Once you are notified that the parts are available, you will be requested to contact your dealership to make an appointment, and you can discuss courtesy transportation you're your dealer at that time.


Q9. Once the repair is completed, can I put my heavy key ring back on?


A9. We recommend that you only utilize the key, key ring and key fob (if equipped) that came with the vehicle.




Q10. What does the following statement mean - we will work with customers on an individual, case-by-case basis to minimize inconvenience associated with the recall?


A10. GM and our dealers will work with each customer individually to minimize inconveniences they could experience until the recall repairs are made to their vehicles, up to and including providing a rental or loaner vehicle, where appropriate.


Q11. What if I have had previous repair expenses related to the ignition switch, or have incurred expenses to repair the ignition switch in a vehicle I no longer own?


A11. Customers will be reimbursed for prior ignition switch repairs. The letter advising customers that parts are available for the recall repairs will also include instructions on how to request reimbursement for ignition switch repairs they have paid for. Customers should follow these instructions to request reimbursement.


If the vehicle previously had the ignition switch replaced, it still must be replaced again as part of this recall.


Q12. Is this the same thing as the letter I received in 2012, regarding ignition lock cylinders?


A12. No, it is not. The letter you're referring to involves Special Coverage #12089, regarding a binding ignition lock cylinder. Special Coverage #12089 involved a different part than the ignition switch in this recall.


Q13. When will the recall be listed in vehicle history?


A13. Information will be loaded into Investigate Vehicles History (IVH) on March 10, 2014.